Think Out Loud

What is Think Out Loud? We sometimes call ourselves the radio show that listens. Or the show that's talking about what the Northwest is talking about. Or maybe: the radio show with a Northwest heart, a global head, and internet fingers.

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Represented: Oregon's Housing Affordability Crisis

Across the state, Oregonians who rent are struggling to find and keep their homes. This year, some state lawmakers are putting forward bills they hope could help to solve that problem. We hear from voices on all sides of the issue.

On The Road: Hoofing It On Portland's Sandy Boulevard

Pull up a map of Portland’s urban core, and you’ll see a tidy checkerboard of right-angled roads. The city’s blocks pack together like snugly fit teeth. Its streets run crisp lines — north to south, east to west. The system’s simple, elegant.

And then there’s Sandy Boulevard.


Between A Dock And A Hard Place

A conflict has been simmering on the Willamette River for some time now. It's between people who are living on boats anchored in the Portland area, and others who live on or near the waterway. These "aquatic squatters" say they’re not doing anything wrong, but the state says many of them are breaking the law.