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Portland Playhouse Takes On 'The Simpsons' — And The Apocalypse

The show starts off with a group of friends around a campfire. They're hanging out, drinking beers, and trying to remember the details of a Simpsons episode called Cape Feare. It's utterly pedestrian — until a twig snaps, and suddenly cast members draw guns and knives. 


Hunt For 6-String Treasures Ends At Portland's Black Book Guitars

As a vintage guitar collector and owner of Black Book Guitars, Nate Fasold is a master excavator. He's dogged, detail-oriented and knows how to stay the course. In fact, treasure hunting runs in the Fasold family.

Joined Voices.jpg

'Joined Voices': A Truly Original Performance

It's no secret that the northwest is a hot scene for indie music — but many don't know that it's also home to some top-notch high school choirs. The choir director at Camas High School in Clark County, Washington is bringing those worlds together with a project he calls 'Joined Voices.'